American Camaro Association

The American Camaro Association was formed to help promote a dialog between the over 140 Camaro clubs in North America. Our goal is to keep those grass roots clubs strong and active, so that they may better help their local members - the true Camaro enthusiasts. Information and ideas we collect from various Camaro Club newsletters, and from GM, is made available to all clubs equally. No fees or dues are collected or solicited from Camaro clubs. We also help individuals locate clubs in their local area whenever possible, and help outgoing hobbyists form new local clubs when there are none in their region. We are here to list functions and Camaro events, to help keep everyone updated on information from Chevrolet, and the hobby in general. The American Camaro Association, and this website, are funded with proceeds from our “Camaro Nationals” - originally named “Camaros at Carlisle”. Proceeds of the show also support the ‘Silence of Mary Home’ - a home for disenfranchised and abused youngsters. The home serves the greater Harrisburg, Pennsylvania area. Although our Camaro Nationals have been held at the Carlisle Fairgrounds since their inception in 1999, we are not affiliated with Carlisle Productions. We feel the benefits of their outstanding facility - paved roads, grandstand, food court, fenced & secured grounds, etc. - make it one of the finest car show locations in the country. Our show staff and judges are all volunteers. They travel from all areas of the country to support our hobby - the celebration of one of the greatest American cars ever built. Membership in the A.C.A. is not required to attend or participate in the Camaro Nationals. The growth of the hobby depends on the activity of all types of Camaro owners; from daily drivers, modified show cars, & weekend cruisers, to those who strive to maintain accurate restorations, or preserve original cars. Our judging staff is charged with refining and maintaining a broad spectrum of classes



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