Fox Valley Region - Model A Restorers Club

Our Club Founded in 1980, the Fox Valley Region of the Model “A” Restorer’s Club is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Model “A” Ford. Our Club includes old car fanciers, young and old, who run the gambit from “drivers” to folks who can fix and restore. We own and drive a variety of Ford Model “A” and “AA” cars and trucks, which include many of the body styles offered during the 1928 – 1931 production run. Ownership of a Model “A” is not a requirement of membership, however we are restorers, not rodders. Anyone who enjoys Henry’s Ladies is welcome to join the Club. Our Mission We Restore, Preserve, Exhibit, and Drive Model A Fords. Club Profile The Fox Valley Region is a family organization that welcomes folks with decades of Model “A” experience, as well as the children of our youngest members. Club activities include participation in community parades and events, automobile tours, overnight trips, day outings, and dress-up dinner events. We are actively engaged in our community through sponsorship of several college scholarships annually. The Fox Valley Region invites everyone interested in Model “A” Fords to join our Club and our old car fellowship. Membership dues are $10, annually, per family unit. Members receive a monthly newsletter and are encouraged to join in at club events and tours. Membership in the national Model “A” Restorer’s Club ( is a requirement of Regional membership.



Saint Charles, Illinois