A Frankensteiner must own at least one pre 1975 CUSTOMIZED car, truck, or motorcycle. Customizing includes, but is not limited to: paint, wheels, driveline, chops, flame-throwers, lowering, custom metalwork, channeling, in short anything that is "not stock". The objective of the group is to gather, have a good time and be seen. Our mission is to attend and host "family fun" or "kid friendly" events, i.e.: BBQs, Car Shows, Etc... All persons accepted into the Frankensteiners family must be willing to do their part in helping organize, promote, or anything else needed to make this car club a success. Every member must attend at minimum, one gathering or car show per month. You must display the "Frankensteiners" logo somewhere on your vehicle. We have one main show each fall in October, the first one drew 125 cars our 5th show (2010) attracted over 950 cars, trucks and motorcycles. The show is open to ALL and is family oriented, costume, coloring contests and candy for the kids. There is also a spring show at Broadway Pizza in Elk River. Here there are burnouts and more, it is also open to any vehicle.



Anoka, Minnesota