406 Customs

406 Customs CC I V O V I 406 Customs is a car club started from the desire to do what no one else has done and to do it yourself. We are level headed people that like to hand wash our cars and actually drive them too. 406 customs has members with cars from all types including, Show, Custom, Race, Street, and Classic. We love our cars and are focused on doing what you want to do instead of letting critics decide for you. In 406 Customs, we believe that you do not have to have lots of money to have a nice or custom car. Many of us put hours and hours into work on our cars that costs less than 100 dollars in many cases. 406 Customs members agree that a reputation must be upheld for behavior also. We do not take part in drinking and driving and are outspoken against it. Also, we try to uphold a considerate and supportive attitude when speaking to any car person, whether young or old, or type of car and car style. While some trash talk is in good fun, we try to not engage in any negative or hurtful actions toward any other person. 406 Customs is looking for new members... If you have any interest or questions concerning, Please contact Nate Lohmoeller @ 406-690-8835



Billings, Montana