The Northern Illinois Streeters Car Club

The Northern Illinois Streeters was founded in 1999. It was formed by a group of guys who like to cruise together to car shows, cruise nights and other related events and not have any officers, dues or politics. The original group consisted of 19 club members, and today has grown to over 250 members and about 350 classic and collector cars. There is no age limit or restriction of any type of car accepted, and still NO DUES! The club communicates largely by email and has since grown to one of the largest car clubs in Illinois. Club members also reside in California, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The "Streeters" as we are more aptly known now, have a very high participation percentage at events. During the 2009 season for example, at one show where over 450 show vehicles showed up, 88 of them were Streeters vehicles. Another show a month later had 250 cars, and 78 of them were Streeters vehicles. We are a very close group that treats all of our club members as family. The Northern Illinois Streeters, a different kind of car club... Where Family, Friends, Fun and Horsepower all come together!



9415 Glacier Ridge

Richmond, Illinois