Professional Car Society - Michigan Chapter

THE PROFESSIONAL CAR SOCIETY The Professional Car Society invites your membership in this international organization, which is dedicated to the maintenance, restoration, preservation, and display of one of the finest examples of automotive craftsmanship: the professional car. A professional car is loosely defined as a custom-bodied vehicle, based on passenger car styling, and used in funeral, rescue, or livery services. Such vehicles may be hearses, flower cars, service cars, ambulances, limousines, or cars which are specially built to combine two or more functions, such as hearse-ambulances, sedan ambulances, or invalid coaches. The Society was founded in 1976 to encourage the preservation of such vehicles, many of which at the time had no established classes in multi-marque antique-car organizations. The Society's growth since that time has helped to establish the position of the professional car in more clubs and shows, and has served to preserve many of these vehicles for future collectors to restore and enjoy. The Society publishes a quarterly magazine, The Professional Car, which contains industry news, historical articles, club news, advertisements of interest to the collector, miscellaneous features, and lots of photographs. Regular features include Owner's Pride, a success story of one member's professional car; The Limo Page, highlighting some aspect of the limousine, past and present; The Marketplace, containing classified advertising from all over; news of miniature professional cars; and a calendar of professional-car events all over the world. All ads in The Marketplace are free to members. Members are encouraged to contribute to the magazine by sending information to the editor. We publish a biennial directory of Society members, their addresses, and their professional cars. This directory is not sold at extra cost, but is included with membership. It is not made available for commercial use and is for the convenience of the membership only. In addition to our publications, we hold an International Meet every summer. This event, which is always well attended, draws cars from many locations to make one of the most unusual car shows in the antique-car hobby. The site of the International Meet changes each year and is frequently chosen to include a visit to the plant of one of the firms in the professional-car industry, or some other location of significance to the history of these cars. The Professional Car Society has members in countries all over the world and Chapters wherever enough Society members indicate an interest in having such a local organization. It is also affiliated with other societies worldwide that cater to some aspect of professional car preservation and history. In addition, the Society maintains a Website at for its members' convenience. The Friends of the Professional Car Society is the website that promotes the Professional Car Society, Inc. - We are an independent support group for the Society, furthering the goals of the Society, and its members. Our membership is primarily dues paying members of the Society; however, it is not a requirement that you belong to the Society to participate in our website. As an independent website, we receive no funding from the Society, and all of our operating expenses are derived from the generous support of the uses known as Site Supporters, and Super Site Supporters. We encourage all active uses to consider making a financial donation at least once a year. Membership in PCS is on a family basis. Dues include one active and one associate member. Sustaining memberships are available for those who wish to contribute a little more to the Society, at a rate twice that of active membership. Manufacturers, dealers, and others in the professional-car industry are encouraged to become sustaining members, provide news for our journal, and display current products at our events. We hope that you will accept this invitation to join us and that you will find The Professional Car Society membership worthwhile.



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