Northern Illinois Streeters

Formed in 1999, the Northern Illinois Streeters was created to be the car club that dares to be different. No Officers, No Dues, No Politics and No discrimination towards any particular vehicle. Basically, if you like it we like, old or new, pretty or ugly, doesn't matter. We cruise together, we ride together, we show together. The Streeters celebrated it's tenth anniversary in 2009 with over 240 club members. Although based and originated in the Northwestern Suburbs of Chicago, IL., its members now spread across the US, with members also in California, Wisconsin, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. The Northern Illinois Streeters celebrate the automobile, the hobby and the friendships it creates. The Streeters Signature is to group anywhere from 15 to 40 club cars somewhere near the car show and roll them all in together. Always creating a scene and always making a GRAND entrance! The Streeters participate in Car Shows, Cruise Nights, Parades, Drive-in Theater nights, special showings, and more. During the Off-Season of the Midwestern Winters, the club continues on by having Club Breakfasts once a month, Club Field Trips, the now well-known Streeters Annual "Orange Bowl-A-Rama" and hanging out together in various locations. The Streeters are a family orientated group that prides itself in spending time together and treating each club member as a "Family" member. We are now known by our trademark Orange Shirts, the variety of our rides and the fun we all have together.



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Richmond, Illinois