Twisted Obsessionz

Vehicles must have 2 major mods and 1 minor mod. When voted in member will be on probation for 3 months this is a family environment any problems caused will be handled by president and vice president more than likely termination from the club. Once voted in member will giving a time frame to stick club logo on the window of their vehicle. We started out in Gulfport, MS. and now have smaller chapters in TX also. We are going to try and set up our first car wash soon half of proceeds will go to a childrens charity and other half to start opening a shop for club meetings and to work on the vehicles most of us are in military but looking for personnel that not in military also. We all love to make a common vehicle into the nicest show cars on the coast. meetings are still up in the air but that will be coming out soon.



Gulfport, Mississippi