Crow River Corvette Club

Crow River Corvettes was founded in July of 2003. We are a group of about 50 members (constantly changing) from Hutchinson and the surrounding communities who love the comraderie and enjoyment the corvette brings us. We have informal meetings and officers. Our annual dues are small enough to cover the cost of our website and membership in the NCCC. Anyone who owns or is actively seeking a corvette can belong to our club. So what do we do? Yearly Events and Activities * Monthly Dinner Cruises * Sponsor Annual "Corvettes for a Cause" Car Event * Attend South Dakota Black Hills Corvette Classic * Participate in Local Community Events/Parades * Fall Color Run Cruise * Christmas Party * Attend Regional & National Corvette Clubs Events <i>Our Mission<i> We are a community-involved club, raising money for various local charitable organizations and national foundations. <i>Purpose<i> The purpose of this organization is to promote good fellowhsip among Corvette owners and enthusiasts, to preserve the Corvette as a classic car, and to share information on all phases of ownership and restoration. The club supports the maintenance of the highest standards of courtesy and safety on and off the road.



385 Ottawa Ave SE

Hutchinson, Minnesota