Greater Shasta Valley Stude Drivers Club

We are a new Chapter of The Studebaker Driver's Club being formed in the Greater Mt. Shasta Valley area. We extend from a line east to Paradise, Ca. to The Ocean and everything north to the California, Oregon Border. It is our goal to bring back the hundreds of Studebaker Manufactured vehicles in this area. We will be a greatly recreational and family orientated Chapter. We are not yet a sanctioned Chapter of the SDC. We are in the forming stage of building a new Chapter of The Studebaker Driver's Club. We need five (5) Members of SDC in good standing to form a Chapter.We have three who has so far shown Interest. We have had several Studebaker Owners express an interest. Our goal is to preserve the great History of one of the finest vehicles and American Icon Manufactures in the History of the Vehicle's as well as the Wagons and Horseless Carriages Manufactured by this great state of the Art Company. Our Chater will be a chapter of many great events. The interset in restoring Studebaker vehicles is one of the fastest growing Interest in the World. Many old timer's are releasing their ong stored vehicles for restoration. There is nothing more entertaining than to take a drive and just see all of the Studebaker's popping up all over like Mushrooms on a beautiful Spring morning. Many ask that queston, Can you get Parts? I have found I can get Studebaker Parts most anywhere. I can order a part and have it UPS the very next day for most parts. We invite you to visit our web site and come attend our events we will be posting on regular basis here.



1756 Filaree dr.

Redding, California