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The chapter was formed in 1994 and is committed to the appreciation and enjoyment of all series of Pontiacs and Oaklands. Owning a Pontiac is not required for membership.

We have an open enrollment, open meetings, and are always willing to hear new ideas. You are cordially invited to join us. Ask a member for more information, and bring your love of PONTIACS to a Club that shares your interest.

As a local chapter of the national marquee POCI organization, we have all the benefits of a National and International Marquee car club. POCI offers support for all Pontiac and Oakland enthusiasts, collectors, restorers, antique owners, performance buffs and includes all Full Size, Firebirds, Fieros, GTO's LeMans and specialty Pontiac vehicles.
Club Contact Information
PO Box 5873
Lacey, WA 98509
Phone Number
(206) 784-9822
Web Site