Walla Walla Cruisers Car Club

Have a hot ride and nobody to share your interest with? Why not join the Walla Walla Cruisers Car Club! Fun for the whole family. We are open to any car or truck that you are proud of. With only a $20 annual membership fee, you can be a member of one of the Northwest's finest car clubs. We hold meetings once a month and during the summer months the meetings are normally held at Pioneer Park with a BBQ or pot luck. These meetings start at 7 PM and usually last for an hour or so. During the winter months, the meetings are held indoors at one of the many Walla Walla fine dining establishments. Summer also means that it cruising time again. Once a week during the summer we have cruises to different destinations. While some of the cruise destinations may seem short, our cruise committee always makes sure that there is plenty of cruising factored in. After the cruising part of it is over, the fun isn't done yet. There are plenty of food and activities for the entire family.



P.O. Box 1383

Walla Walla, Washington