The members of this organization include media, celebrities, car designers along with just AMC enthusiasts. RISE TO THE TOP: We want to raise the image of the American Motors hobby to a different level of sophistication if it is to survive for the future. ALL AMC WEST COAST CAR SHOWS: In June of 2007, Socalamc and Socalamx put on the largest AMC Car show on the West Coast that had not been ever seen in the history of AMC. The event took place at world famous Irwindale Race and Drag Strip, where we unveiled two AMX 3 vehicles. Celebrities appearing included Jeff Teague, son of Dick Teague was there to discuss the history of the cars and sign lithographs of the AMX 4. It is our intent to host these regional shows to attract new and young hobbyist to AMC. The only way to bring new ideas and glamour is to bring the action to you. CABLE TELEVISION We were the only AMC car show that was broadcast by Vintage Car Television cable show. This allowed us to broadcast this event across cable TV and the internet. NEW AMC CARS, CONCEPTS & APPAREL Mr. Jeff Teague is part of this group and he has gained a reputation outside of AMC and has a lot of plans which will enhance the image of the AMC Hobby. This includes new concept cars and parts. There is interest from major investors. This organization has the only AMX 3 in its group. Only available on this site. Last year’s show participants had their cars photographed along with glamour models. Models with class were at the show to take pictures with your car. Only in Los Angeles could this take place and you can be part of this new venture. SPORTS WEAR Prior to this time, you could only buy an occasional white t shirt, a hat or a sweat shirt. A line of sophisticated clothing is anticipated to be developed which will be competing with our brethren at BMW and Ford with our new “Logo” FORUM: Because we do like to talk shop, we will have a forum. Our forum will highlight and promote the New AMERICAN MOTORS image as a unique independent automotive company. This forum will be open to all topics. We are looking for suggestions to make this forum the best AMC site with regards to AMC topics and issues. Look what happened in the April 2008 issue “Hot Rod Magazine”. There was an article on the resurrection of the AMC car company. This article really sparked some emotions. The goal is to make this site as current as possible and provide a conduit for all communication regarding AMC’s,Ramblers, Jeep, Nash, Hudson. MISSION PLAN To have the most unique AMC site available. This is a site where all AMC fans are welcome and encouraged to participate.



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