VARAC, the Vintage Automobile Racing Association of Canada,

VARAC, was formed in 1976 to provide a central organizing body through which Vintage Race enthusiasts could communicate and organize race meetings for eligible Vintage and Historic racing and sports cars. The Spirit of Vintage Racing The Spirit of Varac can be expressed as a wish to preserve, restore and race historically significant cars in a form as close to the original specification as possible. Of course, there have been many improvements in motor racing safety equipment, circuits and technical advancements in materials since these cars were built. Those restoring and preparing cars for Vintage Racing are encouraged to incorporate and take advantage of these improvements - where they can be incorporated WITHOUT diminishing the vintage character of the car. We feel that Vintage Racing should be enjoyable and rewarding to both the participant and spectator with a minimum emphasis on trophies and awards. Let's keep the fun in Vintage Racing.



26 Western Avenue

Schomberg, Ontario