Northshore Mustang Club

The Northshore Mustang Club is a highly active club with enough events to participate throughout the entire summer season. We participate in cruises, car shows, trips, local charity events, parades, and many other events throughout the year all involving our most prized possessions, yes, our Mustangs. Please realize while we love our Mustangs, there is an important distinction between the Northshore Mustang Club and other Mustang clubs, is that membership is not limited to just Mustangs, but all Ford Powered Vehicles. If you find yourself a little interested, we encourage you to attend a meeting to meet some of our members and learn more about us. We are currently seeking members who want to be involved, and have fun with us. While some of our members have new one and others have old ones, and some have both, the club lives by this phrase; "You may not have a show car, but you have one to show."



P.O. Box 718

Madisonville, Louisiana