Rat Bastards Car Club

Rat Bastards car club is a traditonal Hot Rod & Kool Kustom club in Washington state, with members in the US and Canada Our Simple mantra: Rat Bastards believe in 1969 and older, in the rough is enough, real steel and iron,old skool (as long as safety and money will allow) traditional hot rods and cool customs. built, not bought. There are NO meetings, NO elected members, NO annual dues, NO parliamentary procedure, etc. etc. So how do I Join? Here's how-- Do you have, or are you building, a traditional Hot Rod or Kool Kustom ? Do you have $20 , ( for a t-shirt)? Can you write down your name and address? (So we know who you are) Which style, and what size t-shirt do you want? Congrats, you're a member ! Now, wear your RatBastards t-shirt at car events ! OK, here's the catch, you have to buy your t-shirts at an event the Rat Bastards are at.



Puyallup, Washington