Heavy Hitters

The Heavy Hitters Car Club is about Cruising, Car Shows, Racing and having a great time with friends. **Street Machines, Hot Rods, Street Rods, Race Cars, Muscle Cars** Yes, we are motor heads, above and beyond anything else in this world, and we're not sure if we could or would have it any other way. We eat, sleep, walk nd talk about cars. That may seem strange to alot of people in this world but they don't understand our passion, just like we don't understand how someone can can have a 600hp muscle car idling next to them at a stop light and not even look over to see whats making that sweet rumble. Which brings me to the definition of this car club… This club is not about one type of car or one type of use for a car. This club is about Drag Racing, Car Cruising, Car Shows, Horsepower Contests, meeting new Motor Heads, hanging with friends and family and helping them fix or modify there ride until 5am. We would love to do all those things all the time, everyday. But we don't have the time or the money, so well just take it as we can get it and do as much as we can, when we can, together as friends and family.



[email protected]

Apple Valley, Minnesota