Emergency Vehicle Association

E.V.O.O.A. is an international Association formed in May of 1996 to unite individuals who are interested in the vehicles and equipment associated with the public safety sector. These include current and classic police vehicles, fire truck, EMT units and ambulances, motorcycles, tow trucks and other public safety vehicles, both civilians and military. Initial membership dues are $30/year for U.S. membership or $40/year for Non-U.S. members. This entitles you to a quarterly newsletter packed with lots of interesting articles, pictures, a membership card, an Association patch and Association window decal. E.V.O.O.A. has a Board Of Directors and Chapter Representatives who assist the President and Vice President with the direction and oversight of the Association as requested or required. The E.V.O.O.A. Mission Statement: The Emergency Vehicle Owners and Operators Association is dedicated to uniting collectors and enthusisast for the purpose of collecting, preservation, and enjoyment of vintage and retired emergency vehicles. E.V.O.O.A. provides a venue for fellowship and an exchange of ideas among our members and seeks to share information regarding our hobby. Restorations and display of emergency vehicles will be conducted respectfully and responsibly. Pre-Requisities for Membership: Ownership of an emergency vehicle is not necessary in order for you to be a part of our Association. Our members are expected to be respectful of the hobby and the respective profession they represent, adhering to all appropriate laws and statutes, promote fellowship, and be especially respectful of the agencies they may be representing. It is expected that members will notify the respective agency they are representing of their restoration, or vehicle/equipment ownership, and to have some documentation, where possible, from the respective department acknowledging the restoration/representation.



Post Office Box 1149

Airway Heights, Washington