AACA Old Salem Chapter

The Old Salem Chapter of AACA (Antique Automobile Club of America)is a division of the North Carolina Region and AACA National. The Old Salem Chapter meets once a month from January through November and has at least one club event (tour, show, or other related function)each month. AACA is a family oriented organization dedicated to the preservation of original and restored automobiles over 25 years old. Being a member of an AACA Chapter or Region, also allows us to participate in any other activity of other Chapters and Regions and also National AACA events all over the United States and in other countries where there are Regions and Chapters of AACA. The Old Salem Chapter is based in Winston Salem, North Carolina. AACA is open to everyone who is an enthusiast of old motor vehicles, and includes all brands and manufacturers of vehicles. Ownership of an "antique" vehicle (25 year old motor vehicle)is not required for membership in AACA.



4792 Leinbach Dr.

Winston Salem, North Carolina