Dodge Brothers Club

DODGE BROTHERS CLUB©,INC. Founded 1983 Incorporated 1986 For the research and preservation of Dodge Brothers Motor Vehicles and Graham Brothers Commercial Vehicles 1914-1938 DODGE What are the benefits of membership? --Six full magazines per year. Each issue includes Flea Market, "Q&A" (a question and answer department in which you can post specific questions or discuss problems you are having), several feature articles, letters to the editor, and general hobby or club news. Every few years the "Directory of Vendors" is updated and published in the magazine, listing suppliers and services recommended by members. --Roster listing members by name and by year of vehicle owned. The latter is useful in contacting owners of cars like yours. Roster also lists members by location, useful when you travel. Roster is updated and sent to all current members free of charge every two or three years. New members get the latest roster upon joining (until the supply runs out). --Technical advisors for your vehicle (with a few exceptions) --Website --Annual meet. A chance to meet with others and to see cars similar to yours. Share solutions and discuss problems you have. --Help in locating parts: Flea Market ads in the magazine and on website, access to vendors specializing in DB/GB parts, access to individuals who are reproducing needed parts or offering specialized services. --Club store with discounts for members --Hershey Annual dinner, club Flea Market tent at Hershey --Regions. While we only have a few, you can form one in your area with guidance from the club directors --Archives. The club is building up a substantial collection of manuals, technical literature, and other information. We hope to begin offering these materials on CD-ROM sometime soon.



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Cambridge, Ohio