Greater Moncton Corvette Club

Thank you for your interest in the Greater Moncton Corvette Club. Our club began in the fall of 1991 when a group of friends/enthusiasts got together to discuss their Corvettes. Since that time, the club has grown into a group of 50 members (male and female) and their families. The club meets on the first Monday of each month (a few exceptions due to statutory holidays) at 7:00 p.m. at the Lounsbury's Chev-Olds Dealership on West Main Street, Moncton (traffic circle). We use the upstairs staff lunchroom for the meeting room and entrance is through the door next to the body shop at the back of the building. Each member receives a calendar of upcoming events. The Club members participate in organized gatherings all year-round (we meet for socializing at least once a month from Nov to May).We encourage members to participate in the summer-time events even if their corvette is out-of-commission.



Salisbury, New Brunswick