Cape Coral Racing

We have just launched our site for Automotive gear heads, fans.. Our site is a little different, as we allow all makes, models, years of cars. We have Imports, Domestic, and want to reach out to the various Classic car, and Muscle car owners out there and welcome you in. Hopefully within time if enough people show support of the site we will kick off doing car shows. I would like to someday do a big car show in the Cape, and have various automobiles for all walks of life. This show would be for charity, and to gain knowledge and respect for you're fellow gear heads. We have a meet every Thursday night at 8:30 pm in the Coralwood plaza. If we get enough of a turn out, we will make it earlier. Plus in the works for adding another meet day in the week. If you have any questions feel free to contact me Thank you for you're time. Dan Bushee



2905 SE 10th Pl

Cape Coral, Florida