The Chrysler K-Car Club

The first authentic active car club for all the Chrysler K-Cars of the 1980s. We host local car shows and have an active forum where members and visitors can take advantage of the many benefits our club has to offer. These benefits include repair assistance, hard to find parts, literature, and much more. Membership is free and applications are accepted online, by phone, or by mail. The club is highly motivated and always looking for new members. Owners without K-cars are welcome to join as well. We have 380 members worldwide. The club is based in Los Angeles, California and was founded February 2007. Club is sponsored and supported by Hemmings Classic Car, the WPC Club, Allpar, Chrysler Performance West, and others. All K-car models include: 1981-1989 Dodge Aries models 1982-1983 Dodge 400 models 1983-1988 Dodge 600 models 1981-1989 Plymouth Reliant models 1983-1988 Plymouth Caravelle models 1982-1986 Chrysler Executive Limos 1982-1986 Chrysler LeBaron Coupes 1982-1988 Chrysler LeBaron Sedans 1982-1988 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country "Woody" Convertibles 1982-1988 Chrysler LeBaron Town and Country "Woody" Wagons 1983-1984 Chrysler E-Class 1983-1988 Chrysler New Yorker The Mexican K-cars include Dodge Dart, Plymouth Valiant, Chrysler Magnum, Chrysler Volare Chrysler LeBaron, Chrysler New Yorker, and others.



18321 Ventura Blvd, Ste 600

Tarzana, California