Ozark Z Series Car Club

The Ozark Z Series Car Club is the Arkansas/Missouri division of The Z Series Car Club of America (ZSCCA), which is a national organization made up of hundreds of men and women with a common interest - BMW Z Series roadsters and coupes. As a special interest group of the BMWCCA, we place our primary emphasis on the social aspects of automobile ownership. It is our belief that people and the relationships that can be built with other “Z” owners across the United States are most important. After the birth of the Z3 in 1996, the organization was no more than a simple listing of owners. It was known then as the Z3 Registry. As the organization evolved and with the introduction of the Z4, it was decided that owners of all “Z” series BMW’s should be welcomed. In recognition of that resolution, the organization was renamed “Z Series Car Club of America”. Now open to all Z3, Z4, Z1 and Z8 owners, the Club’s membership has grown steadily, with a 33% increase in 2007 alone. As a ZSCCA member you will receive the club’s quarterly newsletter, “The CruiZin NewZ”, filled with interesting articles about “Z” owners, their cars, destinations, experiences, club events and technical information to help you keep your car looking and running great. Our new website features club info, an events calendar, news articles, photos and videos. There are also tons of links to websites of interest to “Z’ owners. ZSCCA Club Gear will soon be available for purchase online. You can visit the website at www.zscca.org. The ZSCCA is divided into state areas with area representatives (Leaders) in most states. Rather than holding boring meetings, our area reps work hard at planning and coordinating local drives and events that members can enjoy. You will also have an opportunity to attend the annual ZFest, sponsored by the ZSCCA national committee. There you will meet hundreds of other enthusiasts, from all over the country. This gathering is held at different locations each year, and is packed with scores of events that are of interest to Z owners and their families. It is an experience you don’t want to miss. It is truly the “Ultimate” way to spend a Labor Day weekend. So, if you drive a BMW “Z” Series automobile and enjoy fellowship with other owners; if you enjoy serpentine byways more than interstate highways; if you subscribe to the philosophy that getting to a destination is half the fun; then the Z Series Car Club of America is for you. Join us today and let the fun begin!



P.O. Box 21517

Little Rock, Arkansas