Bay State Antique Auto Club

Our club is for anyone interested in antique autos. We have over 260 family memberships and are open to both young and old, regardless of whether or not you own an antique or classic car. Our monthly meetings are open and are held the second Thursday of the month at 7:30 pm at the Endicott Estate, 656 East St., Dedham MA. Membership forms are available at our website. We run two shows a year, both at the Endicott Estate. The July Show is held the second Sunday in July for all cars 1979 and older, in thirty classes, with judging and trophies. The Vintage Era Days show is held in mid September for original and restored, but unmodified, cars 1942 and older and with no judging. Details at our website.



P.O. Box 486

Dedham, Massachusetts