Vintage Car Club of Canada

Family oriented club formed in 1958. Has 23 Chapters with 1200 members throughout British Columbia, to Victoria and Dawson Creek. All makes welcome and ownership of auto not required. Our Club is registered under the Society Act Canada, Province of British Columbia for the purposes of: - To assist in the acquisition, restoration, preservation, salvage and maintenance of and to promote interest in motor vehicles of ancient age (25 years old or older), their accessories, historic lore and associated items. - To establish a museum or show place for the exhibition and preservation for such vehicles, and to co-operate and work with any other group or groups in the establishment of such museum or show place and in exchanging ideas and information pertaining to such vehicles. - To encourage by al proper means the retention of such vehicles within Canada. - To promote and assist in the promotion of competitions, trials and other events in which such vehicles can participate in their respective classes. - To encourage the formation from time to time within the Society local chapters in the appropriate geographical areas. - To encourage and promote whole family participation in all events and activities of the Society.



British Columbia, British Columbia