Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico

If you are a Mopar owner or enthusiast, this is the place for you. We have everything from 1906 up to present day in this club. As long as it's Mopar, it's welcome. Our website is updated once a month and our members receive discounts from numerous sponsors and receive a 10 page monthly newsletter. We have members all over the US and some in Mexico. The Mopar Muscle Club of New Mexico has been around for a long time. We have a membership of over 180 that includes a large variety of people, cars, and families. We pride ourselves on being a versatile club with cars from the 1930's up to brand new, in the club. Our membership ranges from kids to seniors. Our name tends to turn the heads of the older generations, thinking we are a club of young kids with hot rods and only hot rods. And it turns the heads of the younger generation thinking we are boring adults. Neither theory could be further from the truth. Take a look at our Members Cars and see more of what we are about. We take pride in all vehicles as we are not just Muscle Car or Mopar enthusiasts; we are car enthusiasts. Our annual dues are the lowest we've heard of ($20.00/yr) and we have many exciting and versatile events throughout the year for every member or every family:



60 Winston Dr.

Los Lunas, New Mexico