Lancaster Old Car Club

The Lancaster (Ohio) Old Car Club was founded in 1957 and its members continue seeking out, owning and restoring old cars even to the present. We presently have sixty three members, with most members owning more than one old or antique car. There are four of our members who were in the club when it was chartered in 1957. Twenty nine of our members have been in the club for twenty five or more consecutive years. We think this gives the club a stable foundation. For many years, the Lancaster old car club has held a Spring Festival on the first weekend in June. At this festival you can expect to find quite a few automobiles from the 'teens through the '80s, also trucks, fire trucks, electric cars, motorcycles, Jeeps, street rods, along with sundry other vehicles. Many of the displayed vehicles are up for judging, and we have 33 different categories of cars and other vehicles. At the 2007 Festival, over 100 trophies were presented to the top three winners in each class. In addition to the displays, there is a large flea market featuring mostly automotive items, but many household and curio items can also be found.There is a section of the grounds devoted to items particularly suited to women's interests, (Women's World) while the men generally search out the parts and junque. Another part of the festival is the "Car Corral", where people can bring in their antique, classic or elderly cars and present them for sale. This festival is held at the Fairfield County (Ohio) Fairgrounds and there is no admission charge, but there is a nominal charge for parking in the Fairgrounds parking lot. There is free street parking outside the grounds. On the grounds, under the grandstand there is a large kitchen/food facility where you can get lunch and snacks. The food is pretty good and is sold at a reasonable price. Proceeds from food and drinks purchased on the grounds directly benefit the club and help pay expenses for putting on the show.



1776 Cedar Hill Rd.

Lancaster, Ohio