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 Central Arkansas Corvette Club
Have some extra time on your hands and you just don't know what to do ?...
Have you washed your Corvette over and over and you still can't find someone who really cares ?...
Or maybe you can't find that one of a kind part that you've been searching for...

Well, you're in luck....
The Central Arkansas Corvette Club (CACC) is just what you've been looking for !

Lots of fun, friends & a few Corvette "experts" that can help solve all of your problems !!!

The Central Arkansas Corvette Club has been around since the sixties
and a few of the original members are still around & are still Corvette fanatics.

We like to venture out on weekend cruises, road rally's, canoe adventures, boating trips,
and even some of us have Harley's and go on Harley trips.
We like to eat too and go on "Drive and Eats"!!!

We are a group of down-home FRIENDLY people.
We have a great time and would love to have you join us.
Club Contact Information
Little Rock, AR 72221
Phone Number
(501) 851-8550
Web Site