Mid Peninsula Old Time Auto Club

The aim of the club is to perpetuate the old-time automobile and to promote general interest in old cars. Interest in cars 1974 and older is suggested. There are currently over 200 members, including spouses. Eligibility requirements: You must be sponsored by a current member and have an interest in old cars. We sponsor "Friendship Day" 3rd Sunday in May at CaƱada College in Redwood City, California. Clubs and enthusiasts gather to show and view the huge turnout of all brands of collector cars, to socialize, and to eat the BBQ lunch. Our 2008 Friendship Day is the 34th time this event has been held since the first time in 1963. We have approximately one tour each month to scenic or interesting local places where we can drive and display our old cars. Club members also join together in attending many other old-car events.



751 Laurel St. #350

San Carlos, California