StreetStangz Mustang Club

StreetStangz was founded in January 2006 by members Mike & Cindy McCall, Ray & Shari Croop and long-time friend Jeff Williams. Today StreetStangz is one of the fastest growing mustang clubs with new members joining nearly every month. We are a family-oriented group of mustang enthusiasts, who enjoy getting together for fun events, car shows, cruising, rally's, and more. We have members of all ages, some single, some married, and many married with children or grandchildren. We welcome any model mustang to the club. One thing we've learned since creating this club...mustang owners are all very similar. After just a short time together, we swear we have all known each other our whole lives. So, if you are looking for a fun group of people who quickly will become great friends, oh, and you happen to love mustangs...this is the club for you!



457 Lake Road

Dryden, New York