BB's Car Club

BB’s Car Club is the fastest growing Car Club and Cruz In in Southern Ohio. The club being just over two years old has over 145 current members and growing. The membership is made up from people from Ohio, Kentucky, and West Virginia with members as far away as Atlanta, Georgia. The club membership is approximately 40% women. You do not have to own a car to belong to BB’s Car Club, just have to possess the love of cars. Many of the members have cars ranging back to the 20’s with some owning newer unique models. The car club is a family oriented club which stresses family involvement in projects and Cruz Ins. BB’s Car Club is involved in many local charities along with raising money for St. Judes thru their November auction and with the Children’s Miracle Network,Also they are involved with March of Dimes. At Thanksgiving and Christmas they donate food to the local food banks along with some of the food kitchens and shelters. They also collect toys all year for the toys for the under privileged children. At the beginning of the school year they work with local churches and organizations gathering school supplies for the children who may not be able to afford them. The members also help out local churches putting on Cruz Ins and Car Shows to raise money for building funds and smaller local businesses to draw people to their shops and restaurants.



PO Box 119

South Point, Ohio