Mercury Cyclone/Montego/Torino Registry

The CMT Registry covers all 68-79 intermediate Ford & Mercurys plus 64-67 Mercury intermediates. We now have data on over 10500 intermediates thus far. As an example, while special interest in 70-71Mercury is directed toward the 16,580 Cyclone models built, any data from the total run of the 12 Mercury intermediate body styles (160,967 cars) is welcomed. On the 70-71 Ford side, interest gravitates toward Torino GT & Cobras (104,741 built out of a total run of 620,912), again any data from other models is welcomed. The Torinos are bit tougher to track due to larger quantity built and multiple assembly lines. As expected, owners of all years of Cyclones+ Comet/Montego derivatives, 64-72 (Cyclone option), Montego GT, and 68-79 Torino continue sending data too! CMT only has a moderate amount of information on some of these, but data is growing weekly. Rob can best offer advice about cars he is familiar with, especially 70-1 Torinos and Cyclones, which are so similar under the skin. Other members are a bit better with some of the other years. Restoration assistance is provided free to those who include SASE, contact me by phone or e-mail. Cars may be any body style, and need not be stock or original. We enjoy keeping them on the road and driving them! Anyone can be a member of this a low-key club which has a small yearly fee ($7.50) {$8.25 for Canada and $10 worldwide > in US funds} for mailing out three Registry Updates per year, (April/August/December). A sample copy of the Update is available for $2.50. There is no charge to add a car to the list, or ask questions. Since this is just a hobby for Rob, Previously published "Differences of ‘70 and '71 Cyclones" article is available at a nominal cost of $3.00 to cover postage and copying. Old updates are available to those interested members for a small copying & mailing fee of $1.50, ($2.50 nonmembers). The Update will continue (for free) to include cars/parts needed and for sale as well as upcoming events that pertain to Ford/Mercs in the Registry Update, just contact Rob. Any info, articles, recent sale values, or stories about your special car may be included in a future newsletter, just write! If you own or find a Cyclone (64-72), Montego, Torino/Fairlane/Ranchero (68-79), 70 ½ Falcon, 64-67 Mercury intermediate, or 77-79 LTDII/Ranchero/Cougar(74-79) in a junk yard or up the street please register it by dropping CMTR a note with VIN#, door codes (if readable), transmission type, color (in/out), stripes, options or what ever partial data is available. Modified or stock, running or parked. There is no charge to add a car to the list but CMTR must have the VIN number to chronologically place the car on the list and keep a car from being entered twice. The list will not contain the owner's name or address, just the state/country. Membership Requirements: Ownership not essential



Newark, Delaware