Club Corvette of Connecticut Inc

This Club was established in January, 1993 by a small group of Corvette enthusiasts and has grown to more than 424 members and 277 Corvettes at the start of 2002. Club members include Corvette owners who drive their cars daily, those who participate in Show and Shine events, others who own N.C.R.S. "Top Flight" cars and still others who are in the process of restoring a Corvette. All CLUB CORVETTE OF CONNECTICUT members share the desire to preserve Corvette's status as America's first production sports car. David McDermott Auto Group-East Haven, Connecticut is this Club's sponsor. The generous support allows our Club to annually hold our July Corvette Car Show. This show is the Club's single largest event in which all members are encouraged to participate. Most of the proceeds from this show are donated to various Connecticut charities... CLUB CORVETTE OF CONNECTICUT, INC. invites you to join us and share the varied and exciting activities we have arranged which center around America's premiere sports car---the Chevrolet Corvette.



P.O. Box 120236

East Haven, Connecticut