Classic Nights Car Club

The Classic Nights Car Club is a family oriented organization. The club was created to provide a forum for individuals who enjoy sharing their interest in automobiles, reflecting the Cruisin' 50's era, and who will enjoy and seek the fellowship of other individuals. Membership is limited to 45 members. It is open to multimake vehicles and years up to and including 1972. The Classic Nights Car Club is a reflection of the Cruisin' 50's era, and members cars should reflect this era. Therefore it is required that no member belong to another 50's car club so as not to interfere with club functions and activities. The Classic Nights Car Club is open to anyone, only if the 45 member quota is not filled. A prospective member must attend two (2) club meetings, two (2) club functions and be on a 60 day probation before being voted into the organization. When a person becomes a member, a $45.00 membership fee is paid, and $30.00 dues are paid each subsequent year.



Monroe, Connecticut