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Thanksgiving Day, 2008, while most families and friends were gathering and trying not to burn the turkey dinner, Jim (AKA ZZ485MCSS) and a small group of Southern New England motor heads gathered to burn the tires off of their collection of muscle cars. The only sound louder than the symphony of screeching tires and screaming loud pipes was the cheering support they gave each other. They video taped their good times and decided to share the videos on-line. Not only did they want to leave their mark on the World Wide Web, as they had left on the pavement many times, but they also wanted to create an on-line community where they could share their enthusiasm for muscle cars. Thus, Jim created BURNOUTBOX.NET, a web community where members are dedicated to American muscle car racing, shows, and most of all, helping each other burn some rubber.

BURNOUTBOX.NET isn’t just one of those sites that you log into when you’re troubleshooting a problem on your ride or you want to show off the new intake manifold you installed to shave a half of a second off your time, although that’s always welcomed too. It’s a site where the members band together to help each other realize their dreams of owning and driving American horsepower. Even though the site is based out of Southern New England, it has grown over the past few years to have chapters around the United States with members in many states including Texas, Indiana, Florida and Illinois and around the world. Even our Russian and Canadian members enjoy heating up the pavement with a burnout. This site is different than the rest. We’ve all been to those other sites out there that have thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of forum threads… And yet, when you post a question or ask for some automotive advice, the only response you get is from a moderator and it reads, “Do a search.” The site has a section where members call upon each other for help titled, “HELP A BRO OUT” and if that’s not enough, there is a live chat box that allows the members to truly interact like the family of motor heads they are. Many members congregate online at the crack of dawn, just to say, “good morning” to each other.

A few months back, one of the automotive beginner members was chatting on the site, describing how he had just discovered an oil leak on his ride that needed to be fixed or he would be out of the cruising season. The next entry in the chat box was, “Jim, he needs our help”. The following weekend Jim and another member met up with the greenhorn, who lived over an hour away from them, and helped him fix the problem. That is what BURNOUTBOX.NET is about… Being there for each other and doing whatever they can to help a bro out!

In addition, this site is a place where members can be themselves. You won’t get banned for swearing. Although, the site moderators will not tolerate malicious teasing, get ready to get your ball bearings busted if you participate on the site; all in good fun, off course. This is more than just another automotive themed blog; BURNOUTBOX.NET is more like a dysfunctional cyber family whose members stick together like melted tire rubber in an American muscle car rear wheel well.
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Attleboro, MA 02703
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(508) 455-1115
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on: December 10, 2010