Ontario Pontiac Club

Welcome to the Ontario Pontiac Club, a rapidly growing province-wide car club for all Pontiac lovers. Whether you drive an original classic, resto-mod, tuner or every day ordinary car, you are welcome here. We do not break our club down by models or by the number of modifications done to the vehicles; we are here to share the love of all things Pontiac and everyone is included. Our activities include organized meets, group trips to car events, track days and car shows. Known for our professionalism and approachability, this club is dedicated to fostering a fun and informative environment for our members. This is a great spot to show off your ride, get advice, meet people and network to find the things you need & want for your Pontiac. Our members vary in age from 17 to 70 and our cars range from a 1969 Firebird (the first to come off the assembly line in its year) to brand new G6’s and Sunfires that no longer resemble a Sunfire in any way!



PO Box 995

Waterdown, Ontario