Riviera Owners Association

The Riviera Owners Association is a group dedicated to the restoration and preservation of the Buick Riviera. This covers all Riviera's produced from 1963 to 1999. The ROA has regional coordinators all across the US, Canada, and even Germany. Visit the website to learn more about the ROA and Buick Riviera's in general. Our growing membership consists of many prominent collectors, restorers, authors, mechanics, and researchers with years of experience who share their expertise. Our membership also includes dealers of used, N.O.S., and reproduction parts required to repair and restore our cars. It is our purpose to coordinate our members experience with our own to bring you reliable and up-to-date information. Since Riviera owners are usually far and few between, our Association brings the information to you. If an immediate problem exists, we are a phone call away. A 36 page full color bi-monthly magazine is available, $35 in USA, $45 foreign. This is your opportunity to be associated with over 2900 others worldwide who share your interest and to "share your pride" in your Riviera.



PO Box 261218

Denver, Colorado