Early Bronco Registry

The very first Early Bronco club in the country, Early Broncos Ltd (or EBL), was founded in February 1981. Although the EBL was headquartered in the small southern California town of Poway, it was written about in various 4WD magazines and quickly became recognized across the country as a source of good information about the 1966-77 Ford "Early" Bronco. Over the years, the volume of requests for Early Bronco information, tips, and events grew beyond the club's ability to respond individually. Members of the EBL decided to create a new not-for-profit association and a supporting newsletter (called Horsing Around) specifically to assist Early Bronco owners, clubs and businesses anywhere in the world. With this decision, the first international Early Bronco Association, The Early Bronco Registry (EBR) began operation in July 1990. Today these two organizations operate with a common Board of Directors and are both dedicated to the "preservation and enjoyment of the 1966-77 Early Bronco ", however they have independent charters. The Early Broncos Ltd. continues much as it began, a small southern California club with local runs, activities and personal participation. The much larger - and international - Early Bronco Registry provides a variety of Early Bronco information and supports events for individual, family, club and business members across all 50 states, the Canadian providences, Puerto Rico, Australia and the U.K. The EBR is friendly and informal, with most of our work done by unpaid volunteers (Please be gentle, you might want to become one of our volunteers).



Poway, California