Falcon Club of America

The Falcon Club of America is undoubtedly the best car club in the world. It is the best club I've ever been associated with. Each month you see my rambling message in the National Falcon News and you see the hard work of our Editor, Wendy Crosby. You also see the fine articles of interest and the beautiful Falcon photos submitted by our members. The thing you don't see is all of the work that takes place in the back- ground of the FCA. Our Treasurer, Pam Dinzebach is busy managing our budget, paying our bills, and helping develop our budget for the next year. Our recording secretary, Bill Poole is managing our official records and making sure we all have the most current documents on hand. Our corresponding secretary, Ruby Throgmorton is mailing out new member packets, making sure we get our membership renewal on time and keeping our contact information current to insure we receive our monthly issue of the National Falcon News. Please join me in thanking these National Officers for their hard work and dedicated service to the Falcon Club of America. The Falcon Club of America National Convention is fast approaching with only three months remaining to register and make those last minute checks on the Falcon. Carolyn and I are really excited about our trip to the National Convention. We are looking forward to renewing old friendships and making many new friends in Springfield. The Keystone Chapter will be hosting the 14th Keystone Regional Meet in Bethel, PA in May. Our Falcon friends in the Keystone Chapter always host a great event. We hope to see you there.



Jacksonville, Arkansas