Crossroads Cruisers

In the early summer of 1999 Larry and Sandy Brooks put together a cruise-in at the Snead Amoco Station and it was a big hit. Following the first cruise-in Larry and Sandy made it a monthly event on the third Saturday of the month. Then the Town of Snead asked Larry and Sandy if they would have the cars at the annual “Town Picnic”, which they did. The Crossroads Cruisers did not exist at this time. We were just a group of old car owners having a good time. At the Snead Town Picnic, the first Saturday in August, 1999, a group consisting of Larry Brooks, Danny Bailey, Gary Greer, James Blakey, and Charles Morton discussed forming a car club. This same group plus Ken Brown met later that month and formed the club which had no name at that time. A by-laws committee was formed, chaired by Gary Greer, Larry Brooks was elected President, Danny Bailey was elected Vice President, and Marlain Bailey was elected Secretary – Treasurer. At following meetings, the constitution and by-laws were adopted, the club name was chosen, and the club logo, designed by Charles Morton, was chosen. Charles Morton was elected Event Director, per the new by-laws, and Rachel Blakey assisted the Secretary – Treasurer until the position was later split into two positions. At that time, Marlain Bailey was elected Treasurer and Malika Watkins was elected Secretary. Once the club was organized, the idea of putting on our own show was turned into a reality when Danny Bailey donated an excellent sound system and three ladies stepped forward to handle the job of disk jockey. Marlian Bailey, Malika Watkins, and Sandy Brooks became “M & M’S” and the Crossroads Cruisers started handling entertainment at the Snead cruise-ins, the Snead town Picnic and Car Show, and other shows. Larry Brooks served as President, Marlain Bailey served as Treasurer, and Malika Watkins served as Secretary until October, 2004. Over the same five year period Danny Bailey served three terms as Vice President, Jeff Watkins served one term, and Fred LaRue served one term. Charles Morton served three terms as Event Director, David Copeland served one term, and Ed Owens served one term. The fall and winter of 2004 and 2005 has brought some changes to the club. The membership voted to not have a cruise-in at Snead this year (the majority of members want to visit other cruise-ins rather than sponsor one). As you can see from the list of current officers, Larry is taking a break and some different members are heading up the club this year. The number one order of business this year is HAVE FUN!!!!



Snead, Alabama