1996 Dodge Viper

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Lavergne, TN

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Lavergne, TN



Year 1996
Mileage 13838
Engine 10
Doors 2
Transmission Manual
Make Dodge
Model Viper

Viper 1996

Title Status --
Exterior Color Viper GTS Blue
Interior Color Black


Although there are newer Vipers out there, including several redesigns in the past 25 years, none have had the blunt-force-trauma impact of the original GTS. It was the Cobra Daytona coupe reincarnated, but this time with 8-liters of V-10 fury under the hood, a quick-shifting 6-speed gearbox, and a sports suspension that could actually dance. Even today, this 1996 Dodge Viper GTS commands more respect on the street than just about anything else ever built. With only 13,838 actual miles on the clock, this is one of the very rare SRII Vipers that hasn\'t been ridden hard and put up wet, making it a genuine collector\'s exotic. And with Fiat/Chrysler Group discontinuing the model in 2017, these bone-stock, superclean, and survivor-grade up-model GTS versions are skyrocketing in value.

Viper fans are particular about their cars. Yes, they use them to their potential, but they are also fanatical about maintenance and the cars are seldom used as daily drivers. With just 13838 original miles, this 1996 GTS looks practically new in every respect, showing off a brilliant Code PBE Viper GTS Blue paint job that could easily compete with a Ferrari or Ford GT on the eyeball magnet scale. It\'s wearing a classic white stripe package down the middle, and despite the somewhat light-hearted color combination (although don\'t say that to Shelby fans), this one looks downright brutal because of it. The design is a masterclass of streamlined curvature over a lightweight, sporty body, and the dramatic lines are as crisp and clean as they were the day this beauty left the factory. The paint is incredibly strong as well, showing only very minor imperfections, limited to a couple touch-up spots and maybe a scuff or two on the lower portion of the body that can really only be seen with squinted eyes. We\'d wager the little bit of wear that separates this GTS from showcar to top-end driver could be remedied with a cut-and-buff, while the rest of the finish is presented with a deep, lustrous gloss that commensurate to its extremely low mileage. Hand built by Chrysler employees specially chosen for the enviable job, it exhibits better-than-average build quality throughout, and seeing one of these on the street is still an event that brings in the crowds. Nobody (and I mean nobody!) tangles with one of these at the stop light grand prix.

The GTS benefitted big time from a more civilized interior that included actual power windows/locks, leather hides, A/C, and even an effective stereo system. Note that I didn\'t say it WAS completely civilized (as in, it hasn\'t been neutered of its GO FAST vibe) just much more civilized than the R/T, let alone the previous SRI generation, and that\'s a big part of the Viper\'s charm. You need to manhandle this car, show it who\'s boss, and it isn\'t for the faint of heart that are more concerned about the destination rather than the journey. Thankfully, it no longer shares similar components and materials that Chrysler used in their minivans, something the primitive SRIs could not boast. No, the inside of the GTS is definitely all sports-car, and you feel that the second you sink into the sculpted, leather bucket seats. A wide, expansive dash features white-faced gauges ahead of the driver and a quartet of auxiliary units in the center stack, a thick steering wheel mounted atop a tilt column, and even dual airbags a safety feature you\'ll be thankful for the second you feel the rear end get squirrely on a wet road. The Borg Warner T56 is managed via a 6-speed shifter that allows you to punch through the gears without fear of breaking anything, and the emergency break is a short reach away if you really want to get this girl spinning. At some point an Alpine AM/FM/CD head unit was added for entertainment, and the A/C system is a reminder that this Viper isn\'t trying to kill you, it wants you comfortable while you embarrass everyone else out on the road. There\'s a bit of storage under the rear hatch, but if you\'re worried about carrying capacity in your Viper, perhaps you\'re shopping at the wrong store.

The 8.0-liter V10 got a horsepower boost in the GTS that ensured that the baddest snake on the street remained that way. There are thousands of upgrades available, but other than routine maintenance items, this one remains bone stock further testament to the former owner\'s excellent treatment of this collector piece. Even stock, the 3600 pound Viper GTS brings 450 horsepower and 490 pounds of torque, so it\'s certainly no slouch on the street. There\'s no mistaking the bright red intake and valve covers, and this one shows off the efforts of very conscientious owners who kept it immaculate under the hood. All of the original equipment is intact, and by the looks of things it hasn\'t been raced or abused, although we\'ll admit that it\'s impossible to keep your foot out of the throttle. The exhaust is stock, but Borla mufflers were adde


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