Rusty Ride that was Rescued

This truck was rescued by George M. He believes it to be a '35 or '36 Fargo Can anyone help identify? Thanks for the great photo.

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Apr 20, 2009

Drove by this one for five years. Finally discovered I knew the owner! What luck, should make a sweet car hauler, with Cummins power!

Apr 13, 2009

Is that a house on the back??

Apr 11, 2009

Someones trying............

Dec 11, 2008

this truck looks really good for its age, good find and save!

Nov 18, 2008

Post to myself again ha ha.Did some search on Fargo and they made them so much longer than I thought.Had not seen them before this site.

Oct 14, 2008

Dumb me pulled it by the Fargo before posting.Were they the Can Mopar like the Mercury trucks were to Ford?Grills were usually not the same.

Oct 14, 2008

I was going to say 36 Dodge but the grill don't look right?I had a 36Ply coupe.Maybe the piece its missing down the center would make it look right?