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dalearized  - March 17, 2014
I have purchaced this car and is currently under going mechanical resto. One of 380 426 4 speeds made in 65. This could be the find of my life.
hammerone2  - May 21, 2012
To continue why I know so much about these cars I bought one in 1965, actually in July of 1964 and took delivery in Cctober 1964 of that year it was a very early production of a Belvedere II , 2 door hardtop, 4 speed, push button radio, rear seat speaker with reverb, in medium blue metallic, 7.75x14 bias ply tires. I still have the car and presently putting it back on the street. I also have a '65 Plymouth Bel I two door sedan and a '65 Plymouth Belvedere II 9 passenger station wagon.
hammerone2  - May 21, 2012
This is one of 533 produced '65 Plymouth Belvedere or Satelite equipped with the 426 Wedge 365 HP engine. It has the Commando V-8 fender emblems and it appears it has the red 426 hood ornament. The finder of this car that could not open the hood, it's a little tricky , the first latch is to the left of center of the grill and it kind of rolls over to pop the first latch then the second latch is to the right of the center of the grill and you push up to pull the hook away from the the upper supp
aperitive  - June 7, 2009
Most likely a 318/727 Torqueflight combo. Come on guys, even the 383/904 combos were hard to come by let alone the Wedge-equipped cars. And you, rustynail, thinking this a Fairlane?? Oh boy....
dodgemirada80  - March 21, 2009
Most likely a 426 "Street Wedge",365?HP with a single 4bbl.Extremely rare!
fender500  - March 7, 2009
That looks like a 1965 Plymouth Belvedere or Satelite.Ford had the Fairlane as a full size car in the 50s.In 1962 Fairlane become an midsize car and the last Fairlane was build in 1970.Galaxie was a full size car also last Galaxie build in 1970.The Torino was it´s own serie from 1968 to 1976.Torino shared serie with Ranchero pick-ups
66sprint200  - December 23, 2008
rustynail1o2, Ford did make the Fairlane. If I remember correctly, it was replaced with the Galaxie, which was replaced with the Torino.
rustynail1o2  - December 13, 2008
never mind. fairlane is made by ford.......i think....
rustynail1o2  - December 13, 2008
doesn't look like a duster, looks like a fairlane.
tuptuoghih  - November 20, 2008
awsome. someone save it.
embarracuda  - November 18, 2008
I hope some one saved this car!
55pickup  - July 23, 2008
OMG! These cars are totally awesome! hope you saved her....
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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