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1933 Pontiac 5 window
Community Feedback
chromenfins  - March 9, 2013
wow thats really nice it almost looks fiberglass
dodge1948  - November 16, 2009
Always cracks me up when I find a car like this, the owner always says "not for sale" while they rot into the ground and are eventually hauled off for scrap...
33pontiac  - April 18, 2009
Wanted to say hello to a fellow owner I also have a 1933 pontiac 5 window, would like to exchange photos.
niftyfifty  - April 15, 2008
wow!...The best is yet to come...
66l79  - March 14, 2008
thats nicer than some of the stuff i drive.
turbo69stang  - February 11, 2008
WOW, Shes in great shape...
55pickup  - November 7, 2007
FANTASTIC FIND! Great save Steve and I know your going to really going to enjoy building this sweetheart, and I am going to visit your website just so I can see more of this beauty and thanx for that to!
panelguy  - July 31, 2007
Love that body style...reminds my of the Ford Deuce Coupe.
panelguy  - July 31, 2007
Way to Go Bad Judge...looks like You are doing Her Proud...!!! Keep us up to date eh...
nofenders  - June 25, 2007
nofenders Is that body up for grabs?
ratrodgal  - June 10, 2007
nice car great save!!!
larryjackson  - April 8, 2007
I would like to have the 1933 pontiac 5 window coupe. I have one now I would like to have a another
ratreddie  - March 3, 2007
hey this thing would be freakin sweet to fix up i was at the car show and saw one if you want to sell let me know b/c me and my dad fix them up so please let me know.
vibesup  - February 22, 2007
Nice save bro!!
rusto44  - February 9, 2007
What a cool ride. Nice to know some folks are lucky. Hope ya post more update pics soon.
ryno0314  - December 8, 2006
Glad to se somebody found a use for it, 1 down millions and zillions to go!! Way to start the rush. not all the tin went to china for bridges
datsunkingkab  - November 10, 2006
definate potential
hal698  - October 16, 2006
That Pontiac is looking great with the sheet metal hanging on it. That engine is perfect for that car with the three dueces. I think it was called Tri-power.
badjudge  - October 3, 2006
Update on this car. I was able to save it! I went back shortly after taking these pics and talked the owner into selling it.If you want to see more pics go to...
46achers  - July 21, 2006
This car WAS near me in Portersvile, Pa. area, it "disappeared" about a year or so ago. In its place now is a 55 Oldsmobile, the guy just picks em up and lets them rot.
dragman10  - July 18, 2006
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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