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A little bit camflauged perhaps...
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oldtimerider  - December 26, 2014
40 looks allmost same but top grill piece is wider and has Chevy in scrip in it.Dash on 39 I like better.They still have round gauges and 1940 gets more squared like a car.1940 last year head lights hang out in the air like this 39.Like that a lot better than the waterfall grill and lights laying on top fender in the 1941-early 1947.
oldtimerider  - October 4, 2008
1939 Chevy.First year for split windshield but it still cranked out through early 1947.Cabs got lots bigger than 1938.
55pickup  - August 14, 2008
ok Liam....where are these???
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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