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1959 Plymouth Belvedere
Community Feedback
nhpaul  - May 25, 2009
Save the fin cars!
mcyphert  - November 14, 2008
That looks pretty complete. That would make someone a cool ride...
buddyhollysedselgirl  - July 24, 2008
Oh baby, oh baby!
farminforfun  - November 3, 2007
How much for the 1959 Plymouth, I had one that my folks bought new. Wish I still had it.
55pickup  - August 3, 2007
man...I'd love to walk around this yard ... where in Montana?
1967chryslernewport  - March 2, 2007
Is there a 67 Chrysler Newport sedan in that junk yard
fenderuse22  - November 20, 2006
That is just too cool.
durtymick  - November 14, 2006
Please shoot me an email about this car...thanks
jayysin99  - February 13, 2006
if you're selling let me know, if not let me know where i could find a 58-59 fury for restoration. thanks
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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