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Great Rusty Ride Finds
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thewallace3  - May 13, 2014

Great Rusty Ride Finds

Thank you Adam for submitting this awesome photo of these Rusty Rides. Can anyone help identify the year, make and model?

It is, I believe, a 1949 to 1951 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

captainhowdy  - March 22, 2013
Late 40's Lincoln in the background. The '51 Lincoln has a much better looking nose than the Merc... it looks custom right from the factory.
kruizin  - March 24, 2012
Looks like a 51 linc cosmipaliton,,, pardon the know someone that has one
warlock37  - March 30, 2010
51 lincoln looks like was early coustom by paint . 47 lincoln in rear. great parts!!WOW
oldtimerider  - February 10, 2010
The one behind is banged up some.I would have guessed it another Lincoln but older.I am not to good on the big cars so you may be right.
legratrodder  - November 3, 2009
Lincoln. These cars were enormous. They make cool cruisers though. Is that a Caddy behind it? Also an older 4 door to the left. Maybe a ford. Not sure.
myhot56kustom  - September 15, 2009
put a merc frontend on this lincoln and you'd have a nicer looking car,in my opinion.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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