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kviper52  - May 13, 2010
actually i would take all of them
kviper52  - May 13, 2010
That Continental is super sexy i would take it and the mustang on top
firemedic2714  - October 20, 2009
How about the early 60s Lincoln Continental Coupe on the right. I've only ever seen a total of five of them. The epitome of Lincoln excess in the 60s.
legratrodder  - May 10, 2009
Yeah, the two door post car is most likely a fairlane. Mustang had the springs above the upper control arms.
nhpaul  - May 1, 2009
The white wagon looks like a 62-64 Ford.
grasshoppah53yahoocom  - March 30, 2009
blue car is 67 fairlane sedan
thecarsavior  - March 14, 2009
its a mustang
legratrodder  - January 25, 2009
again with the stacking. what's that two sedan in the center. it's got a full frame, so it's not a mustang.
beavis  - August 29, 2008
the big station wagon on the bottom is a 1957 ford
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Created: May 02, 2008 By: oldride
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