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Automotive History Rusting Away
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oldtimerider  - November 3, 2014
Maybe not a photoshop pic.To some this would be junk and pushed out of a barn/shed to the small junk yard lots of farms have by a new owner.We sure did as dad was a good wrench and bought old cars for motor or tranny for a truck he was redoing lots of times.We would have a dozen lots of times.If body was good he would leave it under cover as long as he had the room to sell parts from.
This looks to be a 39/40 Merc coupe.1939 was first year of Mercury.
legratrodder  - June 3, 2012
Sorry, but it's a photoshop pic. The coupe is too nice.
53plypat  - March 3, 2012
I've done that, no signs or dogs and the camera and I are there. Likely these cars will continue to sink into the ground.
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Created: Apr 18, 2008 By: oldride
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